Here is the opportunity to take a trip to the stars, to explore the beauty of the night sky, and identify the constellations as they pass overhead.

StarDome – a portable planetarium – Has captivated students and faculty alike in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania since 2001.  Now this high impact, moderately priced program is available in SW Florida and beyond! 

StarDome Planetarium is a dramatic teaching tool, offering the excitement and educational value of a field trip without the excessive cost or difficult logistics!

Step into StarDome Planetarium and become aware of the stunning vastness of our galaxy and the relationship between the earth, our sun, and the stars. Learn what stars are made of, meet a few by name and understand as never before why we see different stars at different times of the year as you travel in time and space and watch it all happen.

StarDome Planetarium programs contain a wealth of information and are customized for grades 1 through 12 – and beyond!  The material is delivered in exciting presentations that will both teach and enthrall, a learning experience that will be long remembered. Since 2001, StarDome has delivered hundreds of presentations, to thousands of school children, scout troops and families. Enthusiastic references are available upon request.

Program Description

Topics covered in StarDome Planatarium presentations include – but are not limited to – any combination of the following:

  • Illustration of earth’s movement through the universe, making clear why we see different stars and constellations at different times of the year but other stars every night of the year. Likewise, why are some stars visible only for a few hours, while others are out all night?
  • How big are the stars, compared to earth and the star we call our sun?
  • How far away are they?
  • What are they made of?
  • Why are some different shades of color than others
  • What constellations can we see tonight?  

How were stars used by past civilizations? How did the early explorers use them to navigate? Why were some stars worshipped, while others were feared?

Explore the sky as it appears that very night. Locate the North Star, track the brightest stars and constellations, learn their names and how to find them. See what stars will rise tonight or this summer or winter, as you watch an evening and even a year of night sky float by.

Learn the legends of Greek Mythology behind the constellations as their images are projected above. Hear the stories of Orion, the mighty hunter and his nemesis, Scorpius, or the tale of the vain queen Cassiopeia, her daughter, Andromeda and Cetus, the horrible sea monster or many more, including Native American Mythology!

We then reinforce all that we have learned by journeying through time and watching one complete orbit of night sky float by. This material is presented in dramatic, innovative fashion, with age appropriate depth and detail, providing high impact learning experiences for all grade levels.

StarDome Planetarium – The impact of a field trip at a fraction of the cost, without all those challenging logistics!  

Serving SW Florida and beyond!