“Stardome is one of the best student centered assemblies ever! It contains all the best elements of high quality learning as it is fun, exciting, informational, engaging, real life centered and focuses on small groups of children which allows every student to have an individualized experience. I would recommend this as a top assembly program as the students and staff could not stop singing the praises of the Stardome experience.”

– Mr. Richard F. Norman, Principal, South End Elementary Schools – Cedar Grove, NJ


“The kids react very positively, often saying Stardome was their favorite part of Science Week.
The content is of great value, and is delivered in a very easy to understand way. The kids are interested from beginning to end.”

– Terry Lang, Science Coordinator, Frankford Township Schools, NJ


“The students of Mount Prospect School were thrilled and amazed to travel into outer space when they entered the StarDome in their school library last spring! They learned so much about our sun and the many stars and constellations that exist in space. The staff was also very impressed with the presentation and professionalism displayed by Mr. Muzio. The StarDome is our favorite ‘field trip’ by far!”

– Melissa Jain, Second Grade Teacher, Mt Prospect School, Basking Ridge, NJ


“Gary Muzio’s Star Dome has been to the Morris Plains School district twice. Both times, the program has been offered to students from kindergarten through eighth grade. The students (of all ages) were excited and mesmerized by the planetarium. In addition,the staff thought that the program was wonderful! In fact, the feedback was so great, we asked Gary to return this year to enhance and build on the prior lesson.
As a member of the local Home and School Association, it is wonderful to witness a program of this caliber in action. Not only are the children learning, but they are having such fun in the process. I personally have had children come back to me months later, telling me about a fact they they learned in the dome.”

– Anita Ahlmeyer, School Program Administrator, Morris Plains Home and School Association


“The StarDome program introduced students to the wonders of our universe in an imaginative manner, instilling in them an active curiosity to inspire further study,”

– Nancy Celente, Science Department Chair, Newark Academy


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